Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Price, Full Review, Features, Specification

By | May 9, 2018

Tata Tiago also has another name which is Zica but knows that its kind of a strange name, Tiago name sounds well and good. Anyways know that Tata Tiago is one of the most loved car and if you want to buy it then here is a full review of Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron. Apart from it know that it is available at the price of 5.1 lakhs. Stay tuned for the rest of the things.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Design

The Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron designed keeping the younger audience in mind. If you are currently reading it then you can’t ignore this fact, right?

The design of Tata Tiago is so attractive that it is difficult to ignore. The front end of the car is bulge outwards in slight oval shape. This gives a visual impression that the hood is a bit longer than it actually is.

The front grille comes with a piano black mirror finish which gives a 100% premium look. Such kind of work is generally done on interiors but company’s experiment works like a wonder and no doubt it is very pleasing.

Every designer or company has a signature which makes their design easily recognizable even without looking at the logo you know it very well but also know that sometimes it getting so boring that it simply reminds us the old things and such things mostly happen in automobile design.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Design

We have shared above thought because something same we feel with Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron design. It has a ‘humanity’ line which is Pratap Bose signature, he is the head of design at Tata Motors. This humanity line we are talking about is the base of front grille; it gives the look of Tata Bolt. Tata should avoid this thing and try to experiment with a more new design, not something which already belongs to Bolt.

The side of Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron has Asian influences but here the catch is shoulder line and belt. The belt gives the sense of length as it starts from the headlamp and ends near the tail lamp. Another strong detail which you will notice is creased found around the door handed; elusive but eye-catching.

Apart from it how one can forget about tail lamps. Well, the designer should be appreciated for their work on tail lamp. It is so well designed that it makes you believe that Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is a wide car.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Interior

Tata Motors is a bit lazy when it comes to interior design especially in low budget models but with this model, the company gets lots of attention. Most of the elements present in the interior will give a premium feel and also a very comfortable place to be in.  Music lovers will get a fantabulous Harman music system. Interior has built with high-quality plastic, embedded with smooth dials and buttons.

The piano black mirror finish on the door handles, steering wheel arms and gear knob are another great examples of a classy touch.

Apart from it, you can expect a good space when it comes to buying any Tata vehicles and no need to say that Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron will not disappoint you. First of all, it comes with a 2400mm wheelbase that is pushed to the extreme ends and because of it there is a large cabin space. So you’ve got large leg space but wait what about the headspace? Well, don’t worry there is enough headroom in the car.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Interior

The width of Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is just 1647mm which makes it ideal only for four passengers. Yes, you can have 3 passengers in the back seat but don’t choose for a long drive as it would be not comfortable for them.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron has a boot space of 242 litres. If you are thinking how much it will then know that in layman terms. It has more boot space in comparison to Maruti Celerio but lesser than the Hyundai Grand i10.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Engine

One of the biggest goals of Tata Motor is to empower the car with the new engines. Both petrol and diesel version comes with 3 cylinder engines that use a DOHC 4 valve per cylinder valvetrain. The petrol version generates 85 PS max power with 114 Nm of max torque. The diesel version generates 70 PS max power with a 140 Nm of max torque.

The good thing is both engines run on oversquare bore stroke and high compression ratio configurations which promise you to deliver efficiency and driveability.

The new Revotron petrol engine is naturally aspirated with 119cc. It is obviously much better than the previous turbocharged engine. The other thing which makes it different when it comes to the engine then it is aluminium construction.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Engine

Like Tata Bolt and Zest, Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is equipped with the multi-drive mode. But here company provided only two modes which are City and an Eco mode.

Know that the diesel version promise to provide superior operating efficiencies, all thanks to its 1047cc turbocharged engine. Generally, 3 cylinder diesel engines are noisy and rough so Tata added sound deadening steel made oil sump and balancer shaft to reduce vibrations and NVH. The maximum torque you will get with Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is 1800 RPM to 3000 RPM.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Performance

The petrol version won the heart when it comes to linearity and driveability. While driving in crowded area engine never fails to deliver the best performance. Despite having 1012 kg kerb weight, its power delivery is quite addictive. We are mentioning this because such kerb weight is too high in the category.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Performance

It easily accelerates when you press the throttle pedal then no matter you are in higher gear at slow speed. Because of it, this car is capable to outrank the competitor.

The engine is fine but when it comes to clutch it is too light. While giving it a standing start it was felt like something is burning, not single time but every time. Now that may be because of improper clutch setting or they have saved their money by adding cheaper quality material. Now, this can be only explained by Tata.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Safety Features

Safety features are one of the most neglected things in India then no matter whether it’s from individual side or government that’s the reason why you have witnessed the world’s cheapest car Tata Nano.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Safety Features

Now if you are the one who considers safety first then know that Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is high on the cards when it comes to safety. It comes with airbags for driver and co-driver.

Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron Features

Height 1535 mm
Length 3746 mm
Width 1647 mm
Displacement 1199 cc
Mileage (ARAI) 23.84 km
Max Torque ([email protected]) 114 Nm @ 3500 RPM
Max Power ([email protected]) 84 bhp @ 6000 RPM
Seating Capacity 5 Person
Alternate Fuel Not Applicable
Fuel Type Petrol
Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
Power Windows Front & Rear
Central Locking Remote
Front Tyres 175 / 65 R14
Rear Tyres 175 / 65 R14
Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) No
Transmission Type Automatic
Air Conditioner Manual
No of gears 5 Gears
Seat Upholstery Vinyl


Overall Tata Tiago XTA AMT Revotron is a complete car and no doubt company put it best to satisfy everyone. It is the car which company is building for a long time and it is surprising to see such thing come out from the company. If you ignore some odds then you will find it a close competitor to Hyundai i10 and Maruti Celerio.

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